5 iPad Apps For Youth Pastors

I prefer the words Student Pastor or Student Ministry, but that has yet to catch on in the “Youth Ministry” world – I’ll save that for another post. So until then, here are my 5 MUST HAVE iPad Apps for Youth Pastors (As of June 2012):

evernote1. Evernote – Evernote synchronizes your iPad or iPhone to your personal computer making your device exponentially more practical and useful. This makes is uber-easy to take notes during a meeting and instantly have them on your computer. I also use it to preach from. I type my outline or sermon in Word and copy and paste it into Evernote. VIOLA! FREE

Dropbox2. Dropbox – Dropbox is an online network accessible from any device that has the application downloaded. You get X amount of free memory but there are easy ways to earn more. You can upload or load files to be shaded on select devices and its integrated into many other apps. FREE

YouVersion3. YouVersion – YouVersion is a bible with multiple translations and also offers an online sermon note option which is exceptional and easy to find. The UI could be a little easier though. I highly recommend taking advantage of its LIVE feature in you Student Ministry as it allows students to access your message or small group questions any time during the week. This is an incredible tool and I could not be more happy with it. FREE

Flipboard4. Twitter/Facebook = flipboard. Effective Student Ministry needs an online presence. Twitter and Facebook goes without saying. Flipboard is a cool service that allows you to view all your social media and interactions at one place. It has a unique design and it makes it look like you are reading a magazine. Although it is rather difficult to interact or comment through flipboard, it is still cool to use! You still should the Twitter and Facebooks apps on your iPad, but flipboard gives it a cool feel. FREE

onsong5. onsong – Onsong is a tool that allows you to view PDF worship chord charts. You can create set lists and view them separately. They offer some nifty edit options and you can also share your set lists with others who have the app. This is especially useful for worship leaders. 7.99

* also may want to purchase an Xclip. An Xclip is a music stand for you iPad. I’m buying one this week!

Here is a review:

And you can purchase one here:

Xclip Website

This post was inspired by Jordan Gardner who first introduced me to Evernote and the limitless possibilities of your iPad in ministry! Here is the original post. Thanks Jordan! By the way, check out his blog in my Other Blogs tab!

What are some of your favorite apps? Which ones do you find most useful in Student Ministry?


About Chase Smith

I am the Student Ministries and Worship Arts Pastor at Trinity Wesleyan Church. I have the best job in the world with help from the best wife in the world serving the best students in the world all praising the best God in the world.

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