2012 Fantasy Football Time!

I love fantasy football. Its the perfect combination of competition, football, trash-talk, and community that gets me excited for every NFL season. Its a great way to stay in contact with your friends – especially those that live in other states. As guys, we naturally suck at keeping in touch with people we care about so fantasy football provides a great way to do that.
Fantasy football also keeps me engaged in the full football season and other games every week (other than ONLY the Browns). It makes me be interested in the other teams around the league. For those who follow fantasy closely, you feel invested in every team every year. Fantasy football also gives me possibility of a SUPER SUNDAY (a Browns win, and 3 fantasy football wins on the same weekend) OR a BLACK SUNDAY (a Browns loss and 3 fantasy football losses on the same weekend). Both are exhilarating each in their own way.
So without further ado, here is my fantasy football life.

My Leagues:

1. The League of Champions (ESPN)
A league with all my friends from high school, in existence since 2004, entering its 9th year, inaugural member, famous for its weekly League Manager Notes and yearly recaps, end of year awards, and funny team names, because of its longevity has actual rivals and dynasties, cool to look back at records and past seasons, has the tradition of having 1 completely random person in the league each year
2. OCU’s League of Sportsmen (ESPN) (League Manager)
A league with all my friends from Ohio Christian University, in existence since 2010, this is its 3rd year, founder, famous for its weekly League Manager Notes, alternating Assistant League Manager responsibilities, and weekly recaps of games
3. Flair For The Gold (YAHOO)
A league with youth pastors and friends from NC, in existence since 2010, inaugural member, 3 player KEEPER LEAGUE, touted as the “PREMIER FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE IN ALL THE WORLD”, famous for it’s YouTube videos, facebook FANPAGE, trash-talking, shady trades and deals, and wrestling promos, YES you read that right, promos, here are some examples of the shenanigans that goes on in the Flair For The Gold League:
My Teams:
1. League of Champions:

League of Champions Roster 2012

2. OCU’s League of Sportsmen

OCU’s League of Sportsmen Roster 2012

3. Flair For The Gold

Flair for the Gold Roster 2012

My Strategy:
– Draft Most Consistent Elite Players First (QB or RB)
– Draft an ELITE TE when possible, this position has the biggest range in average points, which means the 1-3 elite TE’s score way way more points than the 4-10 TEs
– ALWAYS draft a D/ST with your 2nd to last pick, followed by a K with your last pick
– NEVER EVER, under any circumstance, DRAFT or ACQUIRE ANY PLAYER FROM THE AFC NORTH (Bungals, Ratbirds, Squeelers) EXCEPT FOR BROWNS PLAYERS. I can happily say I’ve never broken this rule in 10 years of FFL experience
– WR spot is usually pretty deep. You can wait to draft them if you want in rounds 4-7
– If you feel good about your team, resist the urge to trade or drop players, or drastically change your team until after week 4, by then you should know if you have a good team or not (i have not followed this rule myself in my first 2  years in the FLAIR FOR THE GOLD LEAGUE and it came back to haunt me. In 2010 I gave up on Dwayne Bowe a week too early and in 2011 I gave up on Reggie Bush too early. If I would have kept those players I would have made a serious push for the championship)
– Either stick with your team name every year, or come up with a GREAT ONE!
– NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t be that guy who quits checking his team in week 11 because you are 2-9. Play it out!
– Always check the waiver-wire for valuable pick-ups
– Evaluate your league and look at at team’s strength’s and weaknesses. See if you can use that to your advantage in a trade
Good luck to everyone playing Fantasy Football this year! Except for those in my leagues. In that case, I hope you lose! :)
So what do you think of my teams? Which team do you think is the best? Who do you got this year?

About Chase Smith

I am the Student Ministries and Worship Arts Pastor at Trinity Wesleyan Church. I have the best job in the world with help from the best wife in the world serving the best students in the world all praising the best God in the world.

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