Elevating Your Faith: What does the next level look like?

What does taking the next step in our faith look like? I was talking to one of my Student Pastor friends about this the other day and we came to these three conclusions:

1. GOD CALLS US TO THE CRAZY — When we want to take our walk with God to the next level, a lot of times we find that God asks us to do extraordinary things for his kingdom. Most of these ideas will sound CRAZY and may require major resources, time, and commitments, but that’s how God challenges us. Ask Jonah how he felt about going to Nineveh or Ananias how he felt housing the world-famous murder Saul (Acts 9). God calls us to the crazy!

2. GOD CALLS US TO ACTION — In taking our walk with God to the next level, not only will God call us to the crazy, but God actually expects us to do it! HOW CRAZY IS THAT! Action is what separates the mundane Christian from the devoted Christian! The question becomes, do we believe in God enough that it changes the way we act and what we do. As James tells us, even demons believe in God. But do your actions SHOW you believe in Him?

3. GOD CALLS US TO HUMILITY — God is awesome! It is in his nature to bless his people. And when we decide to elevate our faith, take action, DO the crazy and follow his will, HE WILL MOVE AND DO A MIGHTY WORK! GOD WILL SHOW UP AND BLOW US AWAY. It is our job to stay humble through his miracles! We need to reflect all glory to God and HIS kingdom. Paul’s humility in Philippians is a great model to follow. No matter what happens, God gets the glory.

So where are you with your faith? What crazy has God called you to?




About Chase Smith

I am the Student Ministries and Worship Arts Pastor at Trinity Wesleyan Church. I have the best job in the world with help from the best wife in the world serving the best students in the world all praising the best God in the world.

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