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LuvBuf 2012

I’ve had 3 posts sitting in my iPad for 2.5 months. Here is one regarding Xalt’s Sumemr Mission trip to Buffalo, NY…

This year we took our students to Buffalo, NY for our summer mission trip. We partnered with The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg and took part in their west side service project lovebuffalo.

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SNL Ticket Recap

I still can’t believe we got in.

After waiting in the stand-by line for 20 hours on Friday/Saturday, then for another 2 hours on Saturday evening, Les and I were awarded seats to the Live 11:30 showing of Saturday Night Live.  A dream come true…

I still can’t believe we got in.

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Chase Smith. Browns Fan.

Most of you know I am a huge Browns fan. When I share my love for the football team from Cleveland, I always get the same response – why? People laugh and people openly mock, but my answer remains the same and my faith never waivers – in fact, it probably grows stronger. Let me explain: Read the rest of this entry