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YouTube – How Does This Not Have More Views?

How does this not have more views?!?!?!


Have you seen a hilarious FAIL video lately? If so, share in the comments yo!

Saturday Night Live LIVE!

To read up on our previous NYC journey’s check this out:

Our Saturday Adventures!

I still can’t believe we got in.

We arrived back at 30 Rock at 10:00pm even though the ticket told us to be there at 10:45. We walked into the lobby to meet 3 very large crowds of people who already had their “real” SNL tickets. It was packed and it seemed like everyone who had a real ticket showed up!

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SNL Ticket Recap

I still can’t believe we got in.

After waiting in the stand-by line for 20 hours on Friday/Saturday, then for another 2 hours on Saturday evening, Les and I were awarded seats to the Live 11:30 showing of Saturday Night Live.  A dream come true…

I still can’t believe we got in.

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Bad blog, bad bad blog!

There are no bad blogs, just bad bloggers…

I’ve got to leave the Chase Place for a while. My wife has graciously accepted my invitation to fill-in for me as I complete a couple major projects. While you wait, please enjoy these videos, some of my personal favs… Read the rest of this entry