FUEL12 Day 2 PM Recap

A-Town A-List, as mentioned earlier, was the houseband at FUEL12 and they did an incredible job entertaining the room full of student pastors and workers. They were witty, funny, fearless, and sounded incredible. They led us in a  couple games where they gave away some pretty sweet stuff. Three lucky student pastors received a $1200 grant for their youth group while two other lucky student pastors won free FOLLOW ’12 t-shirts for their entire group! Here is A-Town A-List’s official promo video:

After Kyle Idleman finished his second session, we broke into small groups again. This time around I went to a Dynamics in Middle School Ministry discussion. This was led by Santes Beatty and we talked about challenges found in Middle School ministry, some different middle school ministry formats, and how to uniquely reach this group of students. Santes pointed out that when speaking to Middle Schoolers, we need to switch our teaching method every 7-10 minutes. Whether it is with a video, hand-out, or drama, whatever you do, don’t speak to them for 25 minutes straight. It won’t work and they won’t listen. In other words, when working with Middle Schoolers we need to be mindful of the “Element”, work the “Engagement”, come with an “Expectation”, and keep it “Easy”.

Our last session started with a worship set from The A-Town A List. Scott Simmons closed out the night by challenging us to realize our call in this world and how we are to make a difference. “Our challenge,” as Scott explained, “as ministers of the Gospel is to help students follow Christ”. He talked about our International Convention in Dec (FOLLOW 12) and how it all ties together. The session closed with a call to us a student ministers to live a life worthy of the calling we have received (Ephesians 4:1). The covenant said this…

 “Our calling as ministers of the gospel is to help students follow the way of Jesus, not that they become “religious” or “more involved”, but that young people will become followers of Jesus in their everyday life.

As Youth Ministers

– We make a daily decision to die to ourselves and live for Christ (Luke 9:23)

– We will pursue Godly relationships over earthly possessions (Matthew 6:33)

– We will value holiness over hype in our ministry practices (2 Timothy 2:15)

It is our charge, our responsibility and our privilege to live lives worthy of His calling.”

A-Town A-List played a song I have never heard before, The Great I Am, during the signing of the charge. They knocked it out of the park and the spirit in the place was awesome! I can’t wait to learn it and lead it at Trinity! Here is a clip I took from the song, sorry it’s shaky!

FUEL12 was an incredible experience with many friends and memories made. A big thank you to everyone who worked hard to make it work. Myself, and close to 230 other Wesleyan Youth Leaders, appreciate all that went into the weekend. Hopefully, our lives, ministries, and students’ lives are forever changed.


About Chase Smith

I am the Student Ministries and Worship Arts Pastor at Trinity Wesleyan Church. I have the best job in the world with help from the best wife in the world serving the best students in the world all praising the best God in the world.

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