SNL Season 38: Funniest Skits So Far…Part 1

We are TEN episodes into SNL’s 38th  SEASON and they are just about to wrap up a 5 week hiatus on Jan 19 with host Jennifer Lawrence and musical guest Lumineers. Adam Levine hosts on Jan 26 with musical guest  Kendrick Lamar. You’ve got to hand it to SNL, they always try to be one step ahead of the curve with their musical guests. I’ve never heard of these guys. At least they give these guys a shot.

BREAKING: As I’m writing this, it has been confirmed that Justin Beiber, yes, the beebs, will be hosting SNL on Feb 9. Brace yourself!

Anyway, I wanted to make a list of some of their best sketches so far this season. Before I reveal my list, there were a couple restrictions in order for the skit to be eligible.

1. It can’t be a reoccurring character or sketch

2. It can’t be a digital short

3. It can’t be a Weekend Update Segment

Even though there were some great Weekend Update segments (Really !?!, Drunk Uncle), reoccurring sketches (The Californians), and digital shorts (Mokiki), I love fresh ideas and new skits. This is where comedy is birthed and it takes real talent to write completely new, relevant, AND FUNNY material. These guys are the best at it. They’ve reached The Mecca of improvisation!

In reviewing these skits, I feel like there are two kinds of funny. The first group were not the funniest skits of the night, but you’ll probably find yourself saying “Oh I Remember That” and maybe chuckle. The last group is what I like to call “Pause the DVR” because the skits are so funny, well, you know, you have to pause the DVR so you do not miss what they are saying next. So without further ado, here is MY list of the funniest skits of SNL’s 38th season so far:


Studderer Army Drill Sergeant (Seth McFarlen) – Great concept, got to see some of the new guy, enjoyable skit

Drill Sergeant

Bad Cat Caller Construction Whistler (Daniel Craig) – In what was a painful show to watch, this sketch made up for it with the hilarious “cat calls” Daniel Craig tried to make! His drive-thru order is the best.

Bad Cat Caller Construction Worker

Pandora (Bruno Mars) – Almost made the “Pause the DVR” list but was a little too predictable. The premise is simple – Pandora Radio has technical difficulties and needs someone to sing their songs. Bruno is the custodian and fills in showing off his r One of the most memorable sketches of the season so far

(not online due to copyright)

5 minuts of this!

5 minutes of this!

The Bad Hypnotist (JGL) – Taran is the next big thing and SNL isn’t afraid to feature its rising star any longer. In what was a disappointing show, this sketch rewarded viewers with a funny plot and a surprising twist.

Bad Hypnotist

Tech Talk: The New iPhone (Applegate) – One of my favorite things about SNL is its leading voice in culture. This skit comically made lite of how we are always wanting more and forget about everyone else. It’s funny/embarrassing to hear how pathetic we sound sometimes. Thanks SNL!

Tech Talk

I’ll post the second part tomorrow with the funniest sketches this season!

UPDATE: Here’s the PART 2

Did I leave one off the list? Leave a comment and tell me!


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